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Mia Salsjö is currently exhibiting in the 13th Havana Biennial  and has an upcoming performance at the world-renowned Fabrica de Arte Cubano.

The 13th Havana Biennial, the largest visual arts event in Cuba, runs from April 12 to May 12, 2019, with the commitment that the capital city of the island become a “cultural corridor” in which the creators and the public interact.

Mia was the second place recipient for the 2018 Art for Social Change Award at the Incinerator Gallery.


"Mia Salsjö’s multi-faceted project reveals the processes and final outcomes of the artist’s acts of self-reflexive translation and scoring. Salsjö assigns notes to letters of the alphabet, and translates into music certain words that she feels correspond to her practice. She plots and expands these repetitive fragments into complex drawings (a number of which were on display), which also respond to architectural and spatial structures. Her work Modes of Translation (2016–17) was influenced by one particular site–the buildings of the National Schools complex in Havana, Cuba–and the final two-channel video featured nine violin students performing Salsjö’s composition under one of the school’s crumbling domes."" — Kate Warren

Prizes, Awards, Scholarships & Residencies


Artist in residence, Villa Arianna, Havana Cuba

Researcher, Centre for Art, Society & Transformation (CAST) RMIT University


Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize (shortlisted)

Artist in Residence, Villa Pandan Harum, Bali, Indonesia


Artist in residence (touring), Indonesia, Funded by Australia Inter/National Projects


Finalist Keith & Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship

Helsinki Studio Residency (shortlisted)


National Gallery Women’s Association Award

Stella Mary Langford Scholarship, University of Melbourne

Australian Post Graduate Award

Finalist Keith & Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship


Program Committee Member, West Space (Artist Run Initiative)


George Hicks Award, Victorian College of the Arts

Orlof Family Digital Art Award, Victorian College of the Arts


Maude Glover Fleay Award, Victorian College of the Arts

Terry Cutler Acquisitive Award, Victorian College of the Arts

Victorian College of the Arts, Achievement Award


The Arts Show with Alex McCulloch: Mia Salsjö on ‘The New Age is a Cult’ at Mars Gallery

Audio interview

Symphonic Encounters: Linden New Art


Audio Interview

FavourEconomy Volume 2. 2016 -2017

Publications / Interviews

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